Swami Bua

Yogiraj Swami Buaji Maharaj

Is the tittle given to Buaji by Swami Sivanananda...

The story goes that at the age of ten, Swamiji was very sick and pronounced crippled. He slipped in to a coma  his body was taken to the cremation grounds to be burned. When the flames were lit, Swami's body began shaking from of the heat, everybody got scared and ran away, except for one; a sadhu  named Ygeshwara. He  stayed, took him off the fire, and treated him with Himalayan herbs and taught him Yoga.

Throughout his long life, he has met many famous people including Swami Sivanananda (there is a picture of the them hanging on Swami's wall), Rabindranatha Tangore, Theosophist Annie Besant, King George the VI, Gama the lion of Punjab (a hindu wrestler), Prof. Cheng Man Ching, and many others...

  Swami came to live in the United States in the early 1960's. He said to me that it was his legs that got him here. He told me the story of how some Americans, after seeing him perform endless repetitions of Baithoks (hindu squats), quickly invited him to teach Yoga in America.

  Many students have passed through his little one bedroom apartment, located in New York City, over these many years. I have know Swamji for well over 20 years. This page is an homage to this remarkable Yogi and gentle man.

Hatha Yoga

 Hatha yoga is a scientific way of moving the different parts of the body. Its goals are to ensure a long, healthy life and self-realization by perfecting the body and the mind.

The routines are based on Swamiji’s teachings. They will challenge your body and mind in all ways. They will help you develop, increased strength, flexibility, and mobility. They will improve balance, increased bone density and optimize our circulatory, immune, endocrine and lymphatic systems. They will relax and tone our nervous system, which will help us to have an increased positive outlook on life. They improve self-discipline and maintain physical, mental and emotional health using ancient time tested methods.




The study of which follows after securing the steadiness in the posturesSwami Bua

                 What is pranayama?

      It is the regulation of the breath or the control of Prana                  
      In simple terms pranayama is the art of breath control

1. By inhaling and exhaling rapidly, taking shallow breaths.
     2. By inhaling and exhaling slowly, taking long
or deep breaths.
     3. By stopping the act of breathing altogether.

Hindu Wrestling Exercises plus Club and Pole Exercises
Ancient Indian ground exercises, as practiced by Hindu wrestlers, for strengthening the body. For the most part, these exercises use your own body weight for resistance. They also practiced with Indian Clubs (Gada & Joris) of various sizes and weights, as well as the wrestler’s pole (Mallakhamb).

                                                   Lord Hanuman